Hiring the right candidate for a job is a challenging and time-consuming task. The hiring process is becoming more complex with the increased complexity of workplace issues.

According to the society of Human Resource Management, the average cost of hiring employee is over $4000 with an average time of 42 days. A great candidate on paper and in-person could have a disqualifying online presence. In the past, traditional background checks, which investigate criminal history, credential verification and employment history verification, were sufficient for most managers to make hiring decisions and reduce risk. However, in this era of technology and internet-driven global connectivity, a misconduct on social media by an employee(s) can result in as much damage as employee theft.

Social media screening complements traditional background checks, and it is a favorable method used to avoid the recruitment of potentially questionable employees. The screening examines an individual’s online activity and behavior by searching for potential red flags which may indicate the likelihood of questionable character. Such red flags can be found in comments relating to violence, threats, crime, guns, sexual remarks, drug use, and many other topics that could misrepresent the values of an organization or damage its brand.

At BITHGROUP Technologies, we offer social media screening by combining technology and human expert analytics to flag adverse content on social media that is actionable in the hiring process.

The results of the social media background check are available within 24-48 hours in a comprehensive, reader friendly report with redaction of any federal or state protected class information at an affordable price. The report provides valuable insight into the online behavior of a potential employee and the appropriateness of the candidate as fit-based on the values of an organization.