Our time and attendance software solutions provide an instant increase in workforce productivity and efficiency. Operating without an automated time and attendance system results in a loss in productivity, overpaying employees, and distracts management with the task of manually monitoring time and attendance.

Automated time and attendance solutions make smart business sense.

Improved productivity
Employees can easily access their time and attendance data over the Web, at their PC, or at time clocks.

Managers are more productive because they are able to quickly review, approve, and submit attendance information from employees.

No more written time sheets mean payroll administrator no longer have to manually collect, check, and transmit data from time sheets.

Reduced payroll error
Without an automated time and attendance system, companies tend to over pay their employees by an average of 1.2 percent. For an annual payroll of 1 million dollars, that is an annual savings of $12,000.

Reduced payroll inflation
Semi-automated or manual time and attendance solutions cannot guarantee the most accurate attendance data will provided by employees. There are a number ways this can inflate a company’s payroll:

Buddy punching. Employees can fraudulently increase the number of hours they get paid for by having a coworker punch them in even though they are not at the work site.

Clock rounding. If an employee clocks in before they begin their assigned shift, some attendance systems will pay them for that extra time even though they were not working.

Inconsistency. Attendance and pay rules can be applied inconsistently or even with favoritism, which increases payroll.

Reduced overtime
Without the standardized reporting available in time and attendance applications, managers are far less able to assign work to their employees based on who is least likely to incur overtime rates.